You are currently viewing Beesybody Tenant That Tried To Move Bees Using Fire Sets BMW Alight

Firefighters who refused to help a man with a swarm of bees from his house were called out anyway when he accidentally sat a parked BMW on fire while trying to scare the bees away.

The unfortunate man had been carrying the flammable liquid when he got close to the bees, and one of them had stung him, causing him to splash the flammable liquid on the car as he fled and quickly set the vehicle alight.

Video footage shows the reportedly expensive car fully ablaze after the bungling tenant tried to tackle the bees.

The man – who has not been named – had wanted the bees to move on from his home in Sorriso, a municipality in Mato Grosso State, in Central-Western Brazil. But the plan went badly wrong when they stung him, and he lost control of the flammable substance that then set the BMW on fire.

Fire Station Captain Daniel Alves Moura confirmed that the man had asked his department to remove the swarm.

But the firefighters declined to carry out such an operation as it was not considered an emergency.

They were then called in to extinguish the blaze which wrecked the limousine. The firemen also had to ensure that a nearby tree would not go up in flames too.

Footage obtained by Newsflash shows the wreck of the vehicle blazing fiercely.

A witness is quoted as saying: “Oh God, it happened so fast, too fast. The car started burning so quickly.”

The incident from 8th June is under police investigation, according to local media.

No one was injured. It is unclear whether the man who caused the blaze owned the damaged car.

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