You are currently viewing Man Beaten By Mob After Stabbing Woman Selling Tefal Pots To Death In Store

This footage shows a man sitting on the ground covered in blood after fatally stabbing his ex, with other people berating him and kicking him.

The incident took place at the Santafe shopping centre in the north of Bogota, in Colombia, when victim Stefanny Barranco Oquendo, 32, was at work in a section selling Tefal pots and pans on Wednesday, 29th May.

Her attacker, an ex, reportedly entered the shop and went straight to the warehouse where Stefanny was working.

After a heated argument, he allegedly pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed her.

Gruesome footage filmed inside the store shows Stefanny lying on the ground and taking her last breaths while her attacker, unnamed, sits on the ground next to her with his face covered in blood.

Her colleagues appear to hit him repeatedly.

Those present at the Santafa shopping centre reportedly reacted quickly, attacking the aggressor, who also injured himself with the knife.

Some reportedly threw pots and pans at the attacker in a bid to defend Stefanny.

The man was later transferred to a health centre and is currently in custody at the Simon Bolívar Hospital, where he is being treated for serious injuries.

The shopping centre said in a statement: “The incident is under investigation by the competent authorities, which will determine the causes of it.”

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