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A hairdresser who shot a workmate dead in a salon in Argentina has been seized by police after two months on the run.

Shocking CCTV security footage from the salon in Buenos Aires on 20th March showed a group of crimpers sitting around having a drink after closing time.

But one cutter named as Abel Guzman, 43, pulled out a gun and fired a single shot into 33-year-old colourist German Medina’s head.

Now police have arrested Guzman after weeks of living in hiding in another part of the city when a neighbour tipped off police for the ARS 5 million (GBP 4,400) bounty on his head.

Another neighbour who witnessed the arrest told local media: “I went out and two police officers had him and were taking photos of him.

“When I saw him I thought, ‘This one has a familiar face .’”

Guzman went on the run after the salon shooting where grim CCTV footage showed him arguing angrily with his workmates.

After pulling out a gun, he can be seen ordering some of them to stand aside so he has a clear shot at his victim.

He fires a single shot at Medina who slumps in his chair as Guzman strides away.

Police and paramedics rushed Medina to the city’s Fernandez Hospital, but he was declared dead minutes after arriving in casualty.

Emergency doctor Alberto Crescenti told local media: “We received a call that there was a gunshot wound.

“The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and found the man with a gunshot wound to the skull.

“Quickly, the transfer began. He was in cardiac arrest and we took him to the Fernandez Hospital.”

He added: “The patient was in serious condition, and we had transferred him with cardiorespiratory arrest, we continued with the manoeuvres in the Fernandez emergency room, trying to reverse the situation, but unfortunately, he died.”

Facundo Ramon Verdini, the owner of the salon, told the police that the shooting happened while his staff were chatting after closing time.

Guzman’s motive for the shooting is still unclear.

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