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A white Catholic priest who was filmed manhandling a black baby girl during her christening has been sent on a retreat to repent for his sins.

Footage from the service in Sao Sebastiao do Alto, Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, had shown the baby shying away after priest Father Ricardo Pinheiro da Silva Schueller put holy water on her.

As Father Ricardo brought up a third scoop of water, the baby, named only as Jhullie in local media, resisted, but he snapped the tot’s head back to the font while she cried loudly on 25th May.

Now it has emerged that Father Ricardo will go on a spiritual retreat, with the Diocese of Nova Friburgo ordaining a new priest to replace him.

Local media confirmed that the diocese had temporarily removed the priest from his duties on Wednesday, 29th May.

He will reportedly go on a spiritual retreat to reflect and will be prohibited from performing church services.

Father Jandir Pereira Correa, the new priest, will take on the role provisionally, according to local media report.

The baby’s mum, named only as Juliene, had said after the clip went viral that her daughter had been ill and just wanted to be cuddled.

She added at the time: “We are angry, we feel powerless, we don’t understand how someone who was supposed to be the representative of the Word [of God] can act like this towards such an innocent being.

“I want justice! This cannot go unpunished!”

The baby’s aunt, not named in local media, said: “We feel terrible and we are outraged by his atrocity.”

She went on: “At that moment, we did not have the attitude to take a stand up to him right there and then because there were other children being baptised, and their baptisms were carried out with all the care and patience, totally different from the baptism of our little Jhullie.

“If we can call it a baptism.

“He ruined our day. But God is so good that the video posted had thousands of views and all this support we are getting on social media will help a lot so that justice can be done.”

And Juliene said: “This exposure is already difficult for me, but it was necessary for action to be taken.”

Father Schueller reportedly took to social media on 26th May to apologise, saying: “Dear brethren! Moved by the spirit of Concord and peace, I want to ask forgiveness from all who felt saddened by my attitude yesterday, on 25th May, in the parish of Sao Sebastiao.

“I recognise my lack of charity towards the family, the child and the guests.

“At the end of the baptism, the family contacted me in the sacristy. I was able to ask for forgiveness for what happened, even though it was not intentional.

“Dom Luiz, our bishop, spoke to me and gave his guidance and corrections. I count on everyone’s understanding and prayers!

“Life is a learning experience, and at all times, God wants to sanctify and purify us.

“Zeal for the sacraments must be accompanied by the spirit of fraternal and supportive charity. God bless us! Father Ricardo Pinheiro da Silva Schueller, parish administrator”.

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