Next Generation News Making For Professionals

Do you want to join an editorial community either as an entry-level trainee or a veteran reporter? Then this NewsX community has something for you.

This website is the public face of one of our next-generation editorial communities created as part of the NewsX project, a not-for-profit NGO that needs editorial professionals. Each of these communities is run by you, the editorial team. And just like any traditional brick-and-mortar newsroom, it has a large list of contacts. The contacts include expert commentators helping to analyse and provide feedback on developments relevant to the community, as well as influencers that are making the news and setting the agenda, and publishers that want content from this community.

If you join our editorial team, you will get access to our T4-Hub virtual newsroom where you will work with other editorial professionals including journalists, photographers, videographers, editors and others to create and manage a regular news feed. We help qualified professionals to make a living from journalism, and we ensure that entry-level trainees earn a living wage as they learn the profession. We make sure that there is balance with an equal number of seasoned professionals and enthusiastic newcomers, and constantly provide training in the latest skills needed to survive in the fast-changing media landscape.

If you want to join the NewsX project – then please fill in the form below: